From Sydney with love ;-)

Bloom is represented in this yearly world wide encounter of veterinarians ;-)
A lot of people moving towards the same: the care of animals.
It feels good to be among those who chose the same destiny as my own, even though there are many variations on the way each one looks at the profession and of course, the use one makes of this great "weapon" that may help us save our world.
The conference consists in many subjects divided into many lecture rooms. Amongst so may interenting titles, one was a no-miss for me, of course: Problems in developing a gene bank for endangered species: Does human race even care?, wonderfully presented by I. Gunn, from Australia.

Of course, it always hurts to hear the truth. Of all the extincted species of the world, at least 50% of them were Australian native. What was the Man doing, hunting down to extinction an animal or a plant. Who has the right to do end our heritage and biodiversity? Natural disasters are already enough to endanger all.

Deceptionaly, less than a dozen delegates attended this lecture. A vet has the knowledge and power to do something saving endangered species....but still, in a group of about 2000, only 12 cared enough to come and listen. "Does human race even care?"
Tasmanian Tiger is not such a distant loss, and there are even photographs of the last specimen seen alive on this earth.
See you tomorrow dear bloomers. I'll post some pics soon.