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Macao Energy Conservation Week” launches on the 10th June.

A series of activities of the “Macao Energy Conservation Week” will
be held in different areas of Macao from the 10th to 16th of June. This is the
first time Macao organized the “Macao Energy Conservation Week”. The theme of
the week is “A Great Life Starts From Energy Conservation!” By means of the
promotional activities within the Week, it is hoped to arouse people’s
consciousness of conserving energy, and to learn how important it is to the
society and to the sustainable development of Macao.
Business parties are the major energy consumers. Hence,
casinos, hotels, banks and companies etc. are invited to join one of the
activities within the Week – “Switching Off the Lights for 5 Minutes”. On the
11th June, 9pm, the participating parties will switch off the outdoor decorating
lights for 5 minutes to cope with the aim of saving energy. Meanwhile, part of
the decorating lights of three bridges which connect Macao and Taipa will be
switched off at midnight, earlier than usual practice, in order to save energy.

The “Switching Off the Lights for 5 Minutes” activity
gains major attention from the society. Casinos which have registered by now to
join the activity includes: SJM, Galaxy Entertainment Group, Melco PBL Gaming
(Macau) Limited and STDM. Companies in other industries like Bank of China
(Macau), hotels and shops will also participate. Almost all the business parties
along the Macao coast, opposite to Taipa, have joined the activity to switch off
the outdoor decorating lights at 9 pm, 11th June. It is believed that more and
more parties will join the activity, thus help to spread the message of energy
Regarding local residents, those who will be at
home at 9 pm, 11th June, are encouraged to switch off the lights for 5 minutes.

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silvie said...

Congratulations to Macau for this newmly launched campaign. Let us hope this fresh start can lead us to a greater awareness of how important saving energy is.