Protect the Green Turtle babies!

Green Turtle Nesting Season Starts in June in Hong Kong!

The Green turtle nesting season has run from June to October in the past but numbers returning have dropped to perilously low levels in recent years. Ever since 2003, no Green turtles (Chelonia mydas) have nested at the Sham Wan beach on Lamma Island, which is the only site where Green turtles have nested regularly in recent decades.

Without better protection, such as a multiple-juristiction action plan for conservation, marine turtles in the South China Sea are at risk of extinction. Scientists estimate only one of 1,000 baby green turtles lives into adulthood. These signs are worrying as marine turtles have the inborn habit of going back to their original natal beach where they are born, for nesting.

Actions from You
Support WWF's Save our Seas (SOS) campaign to prevent our marine ecosystem, where marine turtles rely on, from collapsing.
Beach visitors, divers etc should avoid disturbing any marine turtles in the water or at beaches identified for marine turtle nesting, i.e. Sham Wan and Tai Long Wan, as a passive effort to encourage turtles coming back to Hong Kong for nesting.
Report any sightings to AFCD by calling 1823 during this coming June to October nesting period!
Photo and info from WWF.
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